Two generations of smartass

I learned a long time ago that both my children carry my Wiseguy gene, and it’s almost a certainty that they passed it on to their kids.

Last night, my son did one of those Foursquare checkins at a place called The Scene, prompting the following exchange:

Becky Carson: This ain’t a scene. It’s an arms race?

Russell Hill: Lots of good bands tonight. You should come out.

Charles G. Hill: Am I supposed to be concerned that my daughter is making gratuitous Fall Out Boy references?

Becky Carson: More importantly, where is the concern for the father that knows a Fall Out Boy reference.

Russell Hill: Well, this is concerning.

(The reference, slightly expurgated.)

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  1. McGehee »

    23 November 2013 · 11:43 pm

    You just rendered Fall Out Boy uncool. Not even the fact that I never heard of Fall Out Boy could overcome that uncoolness-rendering.

    And my not having heard of something is legendary for being a necessary-and-usually-sufficient condition of coolness.

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