Appeal may not be successful

As fraud cases go, this one is not particularly slick:

One night in early August, Maurice Owens was riding an elevator at the Potomac Avenue Metro station when, he says, he slipped on a banana peel as he was getting off, injuring his hip and leg. The District Heights man sued the transit agency for $15,000 — in part to cover $4,500 in chiropractor bills.

Problem is, the whole incident was caught on tape — and the tape showed something different. The claim against Metro was thrown out, and Owens, 42, ended up being charged with second-degree fraud, a felony.

What’s on the video? Pretty much what you’d expect:

Near the end of the video, as the elevator doors open, Owens can be seen flipping something onto the floor behind him. According to a Metro Transit Police report “this object was later identified as a banana peel.”

In a dramatic gesture, Owens falls to the ground — half his body inside the elevator, half outside.

With those mad flopping skillz, Owens might as well try out for the Washington Wizards, or at least the Generals.

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  1. Tatyana »

    27 November 2013 · 9:54 am

    But did they examine the chiropractor’s bills? That guy should be a co-defendant in the case against mr. Owen…

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