Quiet on the set

As anyone who’s ever worked with anything electric can tell you, sooner or later a strain relief doesn’t.

About three years ago I bought a cassette adapter to play my little MP3 Walkman in the car, and it worked like a charm, though I always thought it looked just a teensy bit fragile. With this in mind, earlier this year I picked up a similar beast that had been sold by XM Radio to its subscribers in ancient vehicles. Backup, right? Backup, wrong: when the original cord finally frayed itself into silence, I duly unpacked the new one, which spun at near-dreidel speeds in the tape slot but never deigned to cough up any sound. Okay, it’s a cheap piece of crap; I addressed myself to Monster Cable, which might be overpriced but which never vends truly cheap crap. Same results.

I dialed around the Web for guidance, and found an Instructable that didn’t quite address the same issue. The author had tamed his device’s bad behavior by pulling the little gearset that contacts the drive pin.

Eventually I figured out the problem, and it stems from Bose’s design for this head unit: if the tape or tape-like object is not making good contact with the drive pin, the mechanism, in the interest of preventing jamming, withdraws completely. (It even disengages when you shut the car off, which should have been a clue.) I am not even considering spending however many dollars it takes to re-stereo this car, which leaves me basically three options:

  • Try to get hold of the manufacturer and see if there are any more of that model to be had anywhere;
  • Whine to a group of owners and see which devices they are using;
  • Buy a new plug, which is easy, and then try to solder all these tiny little wires I can barely see, which is less so.

Step One is already underway.


  1. Roger Green »

    27 November 2013 · 3:05 pm

    I’m listening to a lot of Neil Young, and I’m reminded of his song PIECE OF CRAP.

  2. Bill Peschel »

    27 November 2013 · 3:23 pm

    Afraid I avoided my car’s radio entirely and bought earplugs. The pad-type model doesn’t eliminate the outside noise, so you’ll still hear the siren of the nice police officer as he tries to pull you over.

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