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Cadillac’s Elmiraj concept car is something to behold:

Cadillac Elmiraj concept

Will they build it, or at least something like it? For now, it’s a definite maybe:

Last July GM CEO Dan Akerson confirmed that the automaker’s Cadillac brand was working on a flagship sedan larger than the XTS, to play in the big leagues with the BMW 7 Series, the Mercedes-Benz S Class and the Lexus LS, on sale by 2015. While at the recent Los Angeles auto show media preview, Mark Reuss, president of General Motors North American operations, strongly hinted that the big rear wheel drive platform may first appear as a coupe, not a four door sedan. “That’s the car Cadillac needs,” Reuss told USA Today. “You make a statement with a coupe. You don’t make a statement with a sedan.”

One might argue that the statement being made here is “We don’t give a flying Fleetwood what you think about how it looks,” but if a Cadillac isn’t supposed to look distinctive to the point of distraction, what good is it? If your eyeballs hurt, well, there are Buicks for that.

Besides, apart from the oversimplification of the Caddy crest to the point of removing the wreath — to be honest, I still miss the ducks — only one thing really bothers me about this car:

[It] may either have a proper name or be called LTS.

No. No more farging alphanumerics. Leave that to the Germans and to the Japanese wannabes. Bring “Eldorado” out of the trademark closet, if you have to. This car deserves better than three random consonants.


  1. McGehee »

    29 November 2013 · 7:58 am

    If it has to be a combination of letters, maybe what they should call it is SiTH.

  2. Bill Peschel »

    29 November 2013 · 8:36 am

    The car’s sinister lines made me think of the Jackboot, but the SW references will at least bring in a few customers.

    The winning comment, though, was the spongehead who thought you made statements with coupes and not sedans, like anyone except a dedicated gearhead could tell the difference.

  3. CGHill »

    29 November 2013 · 11:17 am

    And after all, dedicated gearheads make up — what, three percent of the marketplace?

  4. Nicole »

    29 November 2013 · 2:56 pm

    That’s a purty vehicle all right. I’d have to get a fur coat, a cigarette holder and take up smoking.

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  6. jsallison »

    29 November 2013 · 5:08 pm

    Too much like a Camaro, one fugly, brutish ride.

  7. Charles Pergiel »

    29 November 2013 · 9:12 pm

    I like it. It looks more like a proper car than some of Cadillac’s recent edgy looking stuff. Too much like a race car with the low profile tires and the low ground clearance for my taste. My car needs to be able to deal with potholes and curbs without noticing.

    The comment about the Camaro gives me pause. When I was in high school I thought Camaros were much better looking than Mustangs, cleaner, more streamlined. Now, 40 years later, I’ve reversed. The new Mustangs look great. Camaros are boring.

  8. CGHill »

    29 November 2013 · 10:15 pm

    It doesn’t help that the Camaro carries about a 300-lb weight penalty compared to the current ‘Stang — though the ’15, due out in April, will be at least somewhat different.

  9. Tatyana »

    30 November 2013 · 3:18 pm

    Yesterday I re-watched Dick Tracy. This car could be transitioned to the movie set w/o alteration

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