Way back there in 16:9

On Wednesday I took delivery of a new television set, and few things in life make as little sense together as “20-inch” and “widescreen.” Nonetheless, this is an HD-capable box with an ATSC tuner, and I was able to stare in mesmerized disbelief at the 1080i (1920 x 1080 pixels) broadcasts on CBS, NBC and OETA.

It is a measure of potential obsessiveness, I think, that I put in a bid on eBay this morning for another LaserDisc player, despite the fact that I have a working LD machine already, and a slightly newer one at that. (Then again, this model plays both sides of the disc without having to get up and turn it over, which appeals to my inner sybarite.) I was ultimately outbid, which is perhaps just as well, inasmuch as I couldn’t really connect it up properly: my DVD player is connected up via S-Video and while there’s a composite input to spare, there’s no extra audio input to be had. I suppose I could avoid this by buying a new DVD player with HDMI — I thought the one I had was so equipped, and subsequently discovered the HDMI-like jack to be something else entirely — but I tend to be distrustful of any technology which is enthusiastically endorsed by content providers on general principle.

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