Are you User Experienced?

What GM has to say about the Cadillac User Experience:

CUE blends first-of-its-kind technology with highly intelligent design, bringing the intuitive control of smartphones and tablets safely to the road. With a clean, uncluttered design, Natural Voice Recognition and responsive touch-screen technology, CUE creates an experience that’s as simple to use as it is advanced.

With his thumb firmly downturned, John Phillips of Car and Driver [January] says that the system is “about to lap itself in the Indy 500 of Idiocy”:

[CUE] urged me to differentiate between “Infotainment Gestures” by memorizing the seven secret finger movements: “press/tap,” “press and hold,” “drag,” “nudge,” “fling or swipe,” “spread,” and “pinch.” I’m not making this up. Turned out that my personal favorite was “punch real hard,” followed by a finger gesture I already knew.

I hope these are intended for use in stationary mode, because if I’m flying along at freeway speeds — or, perhaps, freeway speeds plus 10 percent — I don’t have time to remember whether I’m supposed to be pointing this way or that.

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  1. Roger Green »

    17 December 2013 · 5:16 am

    And yet, all I can think about is Hendrix. I can’t turn it off.

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