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I have no idea how many Repositories of Downloadable Files there might be out there, but I have to figure that none of them are actually having to compete for anyone’s business. One I’ve just recently seen offers the usual monthly and yearly subscriptions (the latter around $75); but if you’re not a paying customer and just happened on their site because you followed a link, you get to wait a bit more than a minute and then fill out a CAPTCHA form before they start sending you the file at slightly above Commodore 64 speeds. For all I know, subscribers may be getting these faster; but am I willing to spend $12 to find out? (Hint: no.)


  1. JT »

    26 December 2013 · 10:29 am

    99% of those sites do not have anything vitally important that I would want to pay to download.

  2. CGHill »

    26 December 2013 · 11:28 am

    Well, yeah, there’s that. On the other hand, there’s the occasional TV clip that either never makes it to YouTube or is immediately snuffed by the gods of DMCA, and now and then I’d like to see it, though it’s clearly not worth $12.

  3. Dan T. »

    26 December 2013 · 11:59 am

    And it seems that every download site is infested with ads of the most obnoxious sort, the ones that present huge red “Download” buttons that distract you from the actual download link for the thing you want, in order to get you to download some dubious thing the advertiser is pushing, which probably puts a bunch of unwanted toolbars in your system… but then again, the installer for the thing you actually want probably tries to do that too.

  4. CGHill »

    26 December 2013 · 12:14 pm

    I’ve seen a fair amount of that sort of garbage as well. (Come the revolution, the distribution of toolbars will be a hanging offense.)

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