Your turn

For the New Year, I proclaim an Open Thread, mostly because I can, and because a few of you will actually use it. I mean, I’m not exactly providing Ace-level material, but hey, it works for me.


  1. Jeffro »

    1 January 2014 · 1:29 am


    Sorry, since this is based on Ace, I figured I had to……..

  2. McGehee »

    1 January 2014 · 10:01 am

    Bliadhna mhath ùr, my trusty fiere.

  3. Jess »

    1 January 2014 · 12:15 pm

    Happy New Year.

  4. MikeH »

    1 January 2014 · 7:36 pm

    Just a note to wish you a good year, and catching up on Vents indicates that’s very doable.

    Considering your appreciation of road trips, the DW, myself, and our faithful canine are in month three of a big world tour. We sold the homestead and most belongings, piled into a 32′ motorhome and hit the road to nowhere. We are now somewhere in Arizona. Will continue to check in when parked in a place with an available cell signal.

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