Won’t you be my killjoy?

EPA, evidently desperate for something to do, issues a Valentine’s Day ukase:

The Environmental Protection Agency is offering Americans “Tips for February Fun,” encouraging them to think outside the flower box on Valentine’s Day.

On one of the busiest days of the year for florists, the EPA says Americans should consider buying long-lasting silk flowers, potted plants, or live bushes, shrubs, or trees that can be planted in the spring.

And instead of visiting the card shop, consider sending electronic valentines — or recycled cards, the EPA suggests.

You’ll notice that the word “Valentine,” being the name of an actual saint fercrissake, doesn’t make it into EPA’s title.

This doesn’t affect me directly — I go into semi-seclusion in mid-February for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain — but it should not be necessary for a governmental agency, especially a governmental agency which specializes in being a pain in the neck, to issue instructions for every occasion.

(Via And So It Goes in Shreveport.)


  1. McGehee »

    6 January 2014 · 5:13 pm

    Of course it isn’t necessary. It doesn’t have to be necessary. All that is required is that they issue the instructions, and that we obey.

  2. Jeffro »

    6 January 2014 · 10:16 pm

    The EPA, in turn, can blow it out their statist, meddling lower GI tract’s orifice for all I care.

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