Life continues to find ways to kill you

Over the years, they — you remember “them,” don’t you? — have been differentiating between “good” cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol. Apparently, though, the “good” isn’t always so good:

The evidence shows that having a high ratio of good to bad cholesterol is good for health.

However, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic say trials aimed at boosting levels of HDL have “not been successful” and the role of good cholesterol is clearly more complicated.

In their study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, they showed how HDL cholesterol could become abnormal.

One of the researchers, Dr Stanley Hazen, said HDL cholesterol was being modified in the walls of the artery.

There is but one God, and Steve H. Graham is His prophet.


  1. Jeffro »

    28 January 2014 · 6:34 pm

    Steve has stated he regrets writing that book now – he’s found Jesus Christ in a big way (speaking in tongues, etc.) and feels bad for recommending a bad diet.

    That is, when he blogs and if he ever blogs again. Which is fine, and I wish him the best.

  2. CGHill »

    28 January 2014 · 6:50 pm

    Just incidentally, I had bloodwork yesterday. Total cholesterol: 160. I’m beginning to think I could live entirely on bacon and stay under 200.

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