Once, not on a bet or anything, I turned out 300 words on a requested subject in 11 minutes flat. (I had promised no more than 15.)

This is not to say that I can do this sort of thing on a regular basis:

For someone who writes almost compulsively, the way some people scratch their ass, having to sit down and generate organized words on a specific topic is unbelievably hard for me. Therefore, like any task I find even slightly daunting or off-putting, I am splendid at finding reasons to avoid it.

I think maybe ten of the last fifty Vents were planned more than ten or twenty minutes in advance; a lot of times, I just have to faceplant into the keyboard and hope it makes an impression on me.

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  1. Francis W. Porretto »

    2 February 2014 · 4:43 am

    You could argue that planning ahead is antithetical to blogging as it was originally conceived. However, planning ahead is consistent with the composition of extended pieces, such as the sort you “vent,” though it’s certainly not obligatory.

    Coherence isn’t necessarily about planning ahead. Sometimes it arises from simply having a longstanding, well-thought-through opinion on some subject. And of course, when we address planning ahead as a subject of its own, how far ahead and how detailed a plan qualify the topic in gradations that can be made infinitely fine.

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