How universal a remote?

From the instructions for the remote to my little LCD HDTV:

AV/Reverse — Repeated pressing of this button with [sic] switch between AV-C (Composite, yellow RCA) and AV-S (S-Video) inputs. Additionally, this button rewinds the CD, DVD or VCR when the component is activated with the remote control.

Of course, some of us prefer the luxury of a dedicated DVD rewinder.

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  1. Winston »

    4 June 2007 · 6:25 am

    Even though we have been renting DVDs for a couple of years, as opposed to the old VCR tapes, which BlockBuster no longer carries, Roomie still reminds me to rewind before returning. And everytime something is wrong with the DVD player, which seems to be often, she blames it on a disc not being properly rewound. Blondness can be such a tragedy….

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