Cents and sensibility

More of the former than the latter in this case:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: Can I pay my car payment in pennies?


I recently purchased my first vehicle from a used car lot in LeFlore County Oklahoma. They promised me it would be a great truck for the price and will not fail me when driving to and from work. The 2nd day I had it the brakes went out, and one week after I drove it off the lot, it broke down for the first time. It has now broken down 4 times, and this last time the rear differential locked up on me ($500 for the part) I’ve owned the truck for 2 weeks now. I signed papers that said ‘As is’ and ‘No Warranty’ My first payment is coming up and is $250 and I wanted to pay in pennies. I put $2000 down. Do they have to accept my payment even if its in pennies? is there any way I can send it through the mail so I dont have to sit at the office while they count it all? These guys are real scumbags that cheat any ol person dumb enough to buy a used vehicle from them (me)

“Send it through the mail”? Twenty-five thousand pennies at 2.5 grams each = about 138 pounds. It’s going to take several trips to the Post Office. Good thing there’s a truck available.


  1. Don »

    14 February 2014 · 7:18 am

    One of my college classmates paid a semester’s tuition with a suitcase of silver dollars. The accounting office was not amused.

  2. fillyjonk »

    14 February 2014 · 8:24 am

    I was once tempted to pay my water bill in pennies, after the post office lost the check I sent in and City Water sent me a nastygram the DAY my bill was due threatening to shut off my water. (That was the first time they EVER received a late payment from me).

  3. McGehee »

    14 February 2014 · 8:39 am

    “Not if you bought it at Sears. What? Oh. Um, well, then yes. Even if you bought it Sears. Which begs the question: Why did you buy a car at Sears? What? Sir, please stop yelling.”

  4. backwoods conservative »

    14 February 2014 · 9:40 am

    After living under Obamanomics for the last several years, I don’t have enough pennies left to make a car payment.

  5. CGHill »

    15 February 2014 · 12:23 pm

    Last I’d heard, Sears sold 2,363 cars in the early Fifties.

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