Conclusion being jumped to

This perhaps may be unnecessarily alarmist:

CNN screenshot: Boeing 777 will struggle to maintain altitude once the fuel tanks are empty

After all, the plane will still have sufficient momentum to carry it all the way to the eventual crash site.

(Via American Digest.)


  1. McGehee »

    31 March 2014 · 10:41 am

    Who knew?

  2. ms7168 »

    31 March 2014 · 11:22 am

    I saw on Facebook that Fox News was reporting that Pakistan took the airliner and is planning to use it as a weapon of mass destruction! Sounds like something they would report doesn’t it?

  3. Danger »

    31 March 2014 · 1:52 pm

    “Sounds like something they would report doesn’t it?”

    How dare you question the reliability of Facebook! I’ll have you know that site is an unimpeachable paragon of virtues, Mr.

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