Tour preparation

This year’s model of the AIA Architecture Tour is a week from Saturday. Barring catastrophe, I will be there, as I have been every year since 2007.

Ticket acquisition is a bit different this year. In the past, I’ve just gone to their site, invoked PayPal, and a couple of days later a letter would come back with a pair of tickets enclosed. This time, they sent encoded PDF files which I’m supposed to print out and then exchange at any tour stop for proper tickets. This presents no problem, really, but I’m wondering if this is simply a way to save money on postage, which isn’t at all a bad thing, or if there’s some other motivation at work.


  1. Tatyana »

    4 April 2014 · 5:14 pm

    Not only postage, but printing, too. I suspect the tickets you”ll get will not look and weight like “proper” tickets you used to get in the past.

    Sending pdf with badge code to print is now a common practice; note that it’s not organizers who pay to printing that pdf

  2. CGHill »

    4 April 2014 · 6:48 pm

    Well, I still have last year’s tix on the desk, so I’ll compare notes next weekend. But that does make sense.

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