Matthew Riley MacPherson, a developer at Mozilla, posted the following factoids regarding “[Brendan] Eich, queers, and Mozilla”:

I Like EichWe added trans benefits and a Code of Conduct with Brendan in a leadership position.

I have spoke to no queer Mozilla people who feel Eich has ever made them uncomfortable. I have never heard of Eich attacking homosexuals at Mozilla.

Conversely, Gerv posted a call to action against Gay marriage to Planet Mozilla, which prompted the creation of a Code of Conduct at Mozilla, which Eich worked on.

Mozilla has amazing benefits for same-sex couples everywhere possible, including in many US states where it is not legally required.

Mozilla as a company donated more for equal marriage rights than against.

This was posted before Eich stepped down. Subsequently, after Eich’s departure, MacPherson posted this:

I think if Eich had apologized, expressed regret, and attempted to repair the negative image painted of Mozilla, he might still be CEO. He could’ve shown that he could put Mozilla first, that he could swallow his pride to appear fair, and that he cared about the mission more than preserving his privacy over a public donation.

So while the mob might feel like it won, proving that there is some kind of zero-tolerance for homophobia in America, Eich’s departure from Mozilla tells a slightly more nuanced story than that.

In the best of all possible worlds, of course, Eich would have responded to the Inquisition with — but forget that. Were this the best of all possible worlds, there never would have been an Inquisition in the first place, would there?


  1. John Salmon »

    6 April 2014 · 3:32 pm

    Well done, Chaz.

  2. Bill Peschel »

    6 April 2014 · 4:01 pm

    Matthew Riley MacPherson clearly does not understand what inclusiveness and tolerance means. Let’s hope he doesn’t learn by being on the wrong side of any future disagreement.

  3. Jess »

    6 April 2014 · 6:25 pm

    While Mozilla flounders around in the corporate, politically correct quagmire, they’ll find their intolerant tolerance will be reflected on their bottom line.

  4. Nancy Reyes »

    6 April 2014 · 8:41 pm

    Presumably Title VII of the 1964 civil right bill doesn’t cover discrimination for those with alternative religious beliefs anymore.

  5. CGHill »

    8 April 2014 · 9:51 am

    @Bill: David Limbaugh takes your position.

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