Poster boy for mansplaining

“How dare a mere girl drive something I want?”

Yahoo Answers screenshot: Why do women buy the most expensive model of cars?

To elaborate:

I just saw a girl in an SRT-8 Jeep, I do a lot of driving for work and notice women never seem to buy base models of cars. Guys tend to get what they can afford. Is it because women have other people making their payments or do they just not mind making a $1,000 a month payment for every option available?

Green’s obviously his color.

For ten points, what is the probability that this guy has ever had a second date?

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  1. McGehee »

    1 May 2014 · 2:13 pm

    He’d have to get a first one. All the girls he wants to date are getting their expensive cars paid for by guys that can afford to.

    In other words, he’s White House chief of staff waiting to happen.

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