The least possible wardrobe expense

We’re talking very near nothing:

For nearly half a century, the Muong people of this village in Hoa Binh Province have become accustomed to the image of a naked figure in their community. She is Ms. Dinh Thi Dong, 53, who never wears clothes.

“Never” is a pretty strong word, don’t you think? But she’s not entirely insane:

Although Dong does not wear clothes, her life remains normal. Every day, she goes to work like everyone else in the village. She goes to the field to plant rice and cassava and to the river to catch fish.

Mr. Dinh Van Tan, the village chief said: “Many times I saw her going into the forest to pick firewood with clothes in her basket. She’d put them on before climbing up a tree. After gathering firewood, she’d take off the clothes again and return them to her basket. She said she wore clothes to climb trees to avoid being scratched.”

This, I understand all too well.

Oh, the weather? Not a factor, apparently:

Dong’s village is situated in the Da Bac District’s Tien Phong Commune. To meet with her, reporters had to scale dozens of steep, slippery slopes.

Mr. Khanh, the guide, explained that, even when it’s very cold, with temperatures down to 9-10 degrees Celsius, Dong does not wear anything.

Oh, come on. Ten degrees Celsius — 50° Fahrenheit — is not all that cold.


  1. XRay »

    14 May 2014 · 9:35 pm

    Not sure how you meant this, which is points for you, of course. But I assure you that 60d. In the tropics is freezing. Not to take away from the uniqueness of Dong, good for her.

  2. CGHill »

    14 May 2014 · 9:53 pm

    I suppose it’s a function of what you’re used to. I have a cousin in Hawaii, which has weather that makes San Diego’s look inconstant. (Then again, she was born in Texas, which scars you for life with the summer heat.)

  3. Lynn »

    15 May 2014 · 8:57 am

    It is indeed a matter of what you’re used to and it takes me no time at all to get used to 80 degrees, but considerably longer (like eternity) to get used to 40 degrees.

    Last week it was in the 80’s (Wasn’t it? Am I imagining that?) This week it has barely made it up to 60. In January I would have been thrilled with 60. In May, not so much.

  4. McGehee »

    15 May 2014 · 9:27 am

    In the theme of “what you’re used to,” in Fairbanks one spring I found myself in shirtsleeves with the car window down and my arm on the sill while driving past a time-and-temp sign reading “32°.”

  5. CGHill »

    15 May 2014 · 11:36 am

    Since I have them handy, the highs for Oklahoma City, May 4 through 10: 97, 97, 92, 89, 82, 80, 89. Northeast was probably a tad cooler.

  6. Lynn »

    16 May 2014 · 7:04 am

    That looks pretty close for May 4th through 10th. It was May 12 through today that we have had highs in the 60’s or lower. One day it only made it to the high 50’s. That’s what I’m talking about Mother Nature is either menopausal or has bipolar disorder.

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