Grand Old Pillpopper

More than once I have wondered just how much the state of this state can be explained by political operatives who were totally out of their gourds. This doesn’t help:

Chad Alexander, a prominent lobbyist and former chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, was arrested on drug complaints after a traffic stop in Oklahoma City in which police officers said they found cocaine and pills.

Cocaine and pills? Holy flurking schnitt, it’s a double dipper!

A police report indicates Alexander was arrested on complaints of possession of 3.35 grams of cocaine and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, which consisted of nine pills. His 2014 Mercedes-Benz was searched after he was pulled over at 7:20 p.m. at NW 36 and Western Ave. because his vehicle was “straddling lane lines,” according to a court affidavit. The affidavit stated the controlled substance was the pain-killer oxycodone.

Let’s hope he was actually on 36th, because the lanes on Western — both of them — are seriously narrow.

And, as is de rigueur these days, he’s on his way to rehab:

“I regret to inform you that I will be taking a leave of absence from my personal and professional obligations for approximately the next 28 days,” he said in [a] statement. “I am leaving immediately for inpatient care at the Santé Center for Healing.”

Some Democrat ought to make hay with this, inasmuch as the Santé Center is out of state, specifically in Argyle, Texas. “Don’t we have enough rehab facilities?” My guess: he’s had them on speed-dial for some time, though I suspect not for himself.


  1. Local Malcontent »

    16 May 2014 · 4:27 pm

    But as far as I know, our only (and best) drug rehabilitation centers are run by the godless Scientologists at the former Arrowhead St. park, just west of McAlester.
    Alexander can’t have that on his next resume.
    And so, out of state, and hopefully out of spotlight, he goes.

    He could go of course, to and be with any uberstandard 12 step programs available at any corner Methodist Church, although that will likely take him well deeply and through the election cycle. They all do tend to ramble on and on into the night. Drat the luck.

  2. CGHill »

    16 May 2014 · 7:19 pm

    And God forbid detoxification of one’s body should get in the way of replenishment of one’s dollars.

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