Have you ever been spammed by an auto dealer? Rob O’Hara has, and he’s tired of it:

I’ve had a gmail address for a long time — I got it back when gmail was invite-only, in fact. Shortly after signing up for gmail I began getting spam e-mails from a Mini Cooper car dealership located in Peabody, Massachusetts named Mini of Peabody. Just to be clear: I have no interest in Mini Coopers, have never owned one, never plan to, and never signed up for Mini of Peabody’s e-mail newsletter.

The monthly e-mails from Mini of Peabody are big and colorful and hard to miss. I deleted the first one and the second one and the third one. The e-mails suggested that I add [address redacted] to my address book to ensure that I received their e-mails, but instead I did the opposite and added [same address still redacted] to my spam list. I also clicked on the “report this e-mail as spam” button in gmail. Still, somehow, the e-mails get through.

You don’t suppose this might be some of Google’s doing, do you? I mean, gmail is at least as important to their world-domination schemes as the tracking cookie.

Anyway, their ideas are not intriguing to him, and he does not wish to subscribe to their newsletter:

Back then I was naive enough to believe that clicking “unsubscribe from this newsletter” worked. It doesn’t, or at least didn’t in this case. I clicked their “unsubscribe” button, followed the weblink, entered my e-mail address to remove it from their mailing list … and still, the newsletters came. I have tried this multiple times.

And finally:

In October of 2013, a representative of Mini of Peabody contacted me personally and said they would remove my e-mail from their mailing list. They didn’t.

I wonder if escalation might be useful here. Anyone had any experience dealing with BMW of North America?


  1. Dan Tobias »

    17 June 2014 · 10:30 pm

    I get my own e-mail through my web hosting account; no Google hegemony there.

  2. McGehee »

    18 June 2014 · 9:09 am

    I have both Gmail and my own domain email, and I keep giving up and gone back to Gmail because their spam filters work.

    Charles, do you run your email through Dreamhost? How do they do on spam?

  3. CGHill »

    18 June 2014 · 10:36 am

    I do run this domain’s mail through DH, which has a filtration system of sorts, based on a score. Generally, it will reject anything over about 6. (There exists spam as low as 4, but there is also real mail in the 4-5 range, so I have the threshold set a tad higher than I might.) After that, it has to get through my local WLM filters.

  4. McGehee »

    18 June 2014 · 12:48 pm

    Yeah, I gave up on client-side filters a long time ago.

  5. Charles Pergiel »

    19 June 2014 · 11:52 am

    I use gmail and I have little to no trouble with spam. I suspect someone is pulling Rob’s chain, possibly inadvertently.

    Something weird just happened when I clicked on the comment link. Took me to page with small video window playing an ad of some sort. Very weird. I suspect the North Koreans, er Red Chinese, of monkey business.

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