Burning not too bright

Meanwhile in Albany, the concern over Big Game grows:

State legislators in both houses have passed a bill banning people from posing for photos while hugging, patting or otherwise touching tigers in New York state.

Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal explained that she introduced the legislation to increase safety at traveling circuses and county fairs that allow the public to get up close and personal with their big cats.

Which is a major problem in New York, what with, um, two tiger-related incidents at such exhibitions in the past ten years, suggesting that there might be ulterior motives for this measure:

But the Upper West Side Democrat acknowledges proudly that the bill would also destroy a trend now prevalent among users of dating apps — men snuggling with tigers in reckless attempts to look brave or cuddly or, even more implausibly, both in their dating-profile photos on online services like Tinder and OKCupid.

Remember when a woman could point and laugh, and that was the end of it? Now apparently she has to have the Assembly backing her up.

(Via Consumerist.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    24 June 2014 · 7:11 am

    Guys posing with tigers for dating sites is a thing? Who do they think they are, Vlad Putin? (And that thought suggests immediately to me why I would not want to date a guy who posed with a tiger. Especially if he posed shirtless with a tiger.)

    and even beyond the weird connection with a creepy dictator, you gotta wonder about the grey matter in a guy who thinks, “Large animal that is adapted to be a killing machine. Yup, gonna go sit next to it and have my picture made.”

  2. Burning not too bright | TinderNews »

    24 June 2014 · 8:50 am

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  3. McGehee »

    24 June 2014 · 9:09 am

    I might actually be tempted to have such a picture taken, but not to show it off — well, beyond an initial “the wages of cheap Scotch” kind of riff, I suppose.

    Then again, temptation hasn’t always had as much hold on me as it would like…

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