What you pay for those “rewards”

Because, you know, nobody’s actually giving you anything for “free”:

The program launches on Thursday, Verizon announced on its website, and customers “may be required to enroll in Verizon Selects, part of Precision Market Insights from Verizon, as part of the Smart Rewards registration process and will receive 2,500 bonus points for being part of Verizon Selects and 500 Rewards points per participating line each month.”

That “may” might be that you’d have to enroll if you haven’t already — it seems it would be a likely requirement, as it enables Verizon to offer deals it thinks will interest customers based on their “location, web browsing and mobile application usage data, as well as other information including customer demographic and interest data,” as explained on its info page about Verizon Selects.

So it’s a tradeoff: we hand you some points, presumably good toward something, and you tell us what you’re doing at every opportunity. And really, you’ve seen worse.

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  1. backwoods conservative »

    23 July 2014 · 4:09 pm

    Sounds like an invitation for Spam. No thanks. I’d rather have the kind from the grocery store. At least it’s good for something.

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