A shore runs past it

Realty affiliates of The Prudential produce a freebie magazine with real-estate listings in this market and some others; sometimes I remember to pick one up on the way out of the supermarket.

On the cover is a nice faux-Spanish Mediterranean west of Edmond near the Rose Creek golf course. It’s quite lovely in that slightly-overwrought way — too derivative to make Architectural Digest but more interesting than the palace-from-Dallas stuff that prevails in the newer ‘burbs — and is priced high enough to insure that any prospective owner won’t flinch at the prospect of a Titleist bursting through a first-level window. It’s located on Shorerun Drive, and the first time I saw that I read it as Sho Rerun Drive, like they were repeating the first season of The L Word or something. Now I’ve been out this way once or twice (call it 170th and May), and I don’t think of it as being, well, on the shore. The usual Google check (I’d drive out there myself to take a look, but I just got out of the shower) produced a suitably-dated satellite picture; apparently Shorerun Drive runs by the shore of a water hazard, or maybe a retention pond.

Which, by the standards of Oklahoma City suburbs, makes this an unusually-appropriate name for a street: in Edmond, for instance, there are more streets named Oak something, or something Oak(s), than there are actual oaks.

Addendum: Apparently this sold in mid-June, for not too much below the asking price, which explains why I couldn’t find a picture in the agent’s portfolio of listings.

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