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If you were already somewhat miffed by the blithe assumption by Samsung that you’d keep your mouth shut in front of their Smart TVs, miffage is now intensified:

After Samsung calmed us all down, users of smart TV app Plex noticed a Pepsi commercial playing in the middle of content streamed from their own media server within the house. Plex simplifies using your home computer as a media server for smart TVs, streaming devices, tablets, phones, and game consoles. It is not supposed to inject ads in the middle of the program you’re enjoying. Yet that’s what users report happening: Pepsi ads pop up during shows streamed to their sets using Plex.

A spokesperson for Plex told GigaOm that they weren’t adding ads to users’ video streams. Users reported Pepsi ads interjected in other programs while playing programs directly on the TV from their computer, so the app wasn’t serving up the ads. This was caused by the TV, and only users of Samsung smart TVs have reported it.

Q. E. Farking D.

Temperature of hell when you buy a Samsung Smart TV:

  1. 32 °F
  2. 0 °F
  3. -40 °F
  4. 0 °K

Surely no good can come of schemes like this, even if you like Pepsi.


  1. backwoods conservative »

    11 February 2015 · 7:25 pm

    None of those temperatures are cold enough, not even d.

  2. McGehee »

    11 February 2015 · 8:01 pm

    I’ll point out that the one Samsung SmartTV in our house (in the basement, almost never watched anymore) was bought by my mother-in-law — without my input.

  3. fillyjonk »

    11 February 2015 · 8:34 pm

    I see a great market in the future for appliances specifically branded as “dumb.” I know I’d buy a “dumb” tv that only showed programs over a “smart” one that wanted to monitor my yelling at the Cubs, or at certain politicians, or at lame-brained news-hosts.

  4. backwoods conservative »

    11 February 2015 · 8:58 pm

    Most of the verbal abuse around my house is directed at my computer. There’s a love/hate relationship if there ever was one. Fortunately, the things I say to it are unlikely to be of any use or interest to anyone.

  5. Charles Pergiel »

    12 February 2015 · 11:16 am

    Rumor has it that some people leave their television on ALL THE TIME. Some people like Pepsi. Some people are enthusiastic. I’m thinking there is a non-negligible segment of the population that is not only not bothered by ads, but might actually become distressed if they weren’t getting their recommended daily allowance, as recommended by Madison Avenue.

  6. Jay »

    12 February 2015 · 12:03 pm

    Got a Samsung SmartTV?
    1) Turn TV on.
    2) Place radio next to TV, turn on talk radio.
    3) Leave on vacation.

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