No moving parts

The surfer dudes who host this site have started moving to solid-state drives in a big way. Per their monthly newsletter:

We were excited to announce this March that all new customers signing up for our traditional shared hosting will now be placed onto solid state hard drives. Our testing showed that SSDs provide a ~200% increase in data access speeds over traditional hard drives in an identical DreamHost shared hosting environment! Early feedback has been great, and we’re super pumped about this!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that such goodies will be automagically bestowed on us old customers:

If you’re currently a shared hosting customer and would like to see the incredible performance boost for yourself, just contact our support team and request that your account be moved to our SSD platform!

The move won’t be immediate — we’re taking our time to ensure we balance loads carefully and treat your data with the utmost respect! We treat your data like a classy lady! Or a refined gentleman! Or also just a “person” who is “cool”. Whatever you think is fancy, that is what we’re getting at. Your data is a genderless, fancy thing to us. Be cool.

Well, it may be genderless, but it’s binary.

And anyway, I got moved to a faster, if still magnetic, machine in January, so I don’t plan to pester them. Yet.

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