It’s not easy eating green

I am not one to utter kind words about kale, as a rule, but I do try to be open-minded, and maybe someone might find this recipe worthy:

When you think of comfort food Kale isn’t usually something that comes to mind. This creamy kale pesto sauce is nice and rich so it feels like a guilty pleasure but it is still packed with all the health benefits that this superfood is known for. It is also a great way to sneak some veggies into a meal for kids who are picky eaters, or for kids at heart who are picky eaters … like my husband.

And it’s heavy on the basil and the pine nuts, so you might not even notice the Dreaded Vegetable. What’s more, it’s billed as a “30 Minute Meal,” and I — and probably you — have toiled longer for less result.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    5 May 2015 · 7:26 am

    “feels like a guilty pleasure” is the tip off right there. Nothing that is described as “feeling like” a guilty pleasure actually does. Kale pesto MIGHT be good but calling it “feeling like a guilty pleasure” is like peeing on someone’s leg and telling them it’s raining. How about, “This is a healthful food and it tastes good”?

    I also have personal issues with people ‘sneaking’ ingredients in to food. If someone “sneaked” celery (or a couple other things) into something I was going to eat, I would wind up very angry with them. Provided I survived the allergy attack, that is.

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