Dot nothing

There is now a waiting list for IPv4 addresses in this part of the world:

Noting an important development for the Internet community, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), a nonprofit association that manages the distribution of Internet number resources within its region, announced today that it has activated its Unmet Request Policy with the approval of an address request that was larger than the available inventory in the regional IPv4 free pool.

Activation of this policy is another sign of the impending depletion of unassigned IPv4 resources in the ARIN region, reminding businesses of the need to deploy the next generation Internet Protocol, IPv6, and usher in the next stage of the Internet’s evolution. Qualifying organizations now have the choice of accepting the next largest available block of IPv4 addresses or being placed on the Waiting List for Unmet IPv4 Requests.

If anyone cares, we’ve had an IPv6 address here for a couple of years:


Or so I’m told. I’ve never actually tried it, being generally a generation and a half behind on most technical matters.

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