Not being particularly observant

This has been a particularly rough day, and I wasn’t in any mood to deal with someone handing out political flyers at the door. The mind was sufficiently fogged, I think, for me not to notice that I’d gotten to the door wearing nothing but my watch and a pair of sport sandals.

Of course, I was surrounded by my Horrible Walking Appliance, which might have blocked some of the view for the poor woman working the block, and she didn’t shriek in terror or anything.

I am not, you should know, in the habit of doing this: there is a tiny number of people who are aware that I normally don’t wear much of anything and who have let me know that they don’t mind, but the operative word is “tiny.” Fewer than six. I think only one actual current neighbor is clued in, but she’s never had a reason to visit here. (Used to be a woman around the corner who’d chat through the fence, and she was utterly indifferent to my lack of garb.) Still, I have to wonder if I somehow foreclosed a political discussion; and if I did, I have to wonder if it’s justification for doing it again.


  1. Lorna »

    17 August 2016 · 4:50 am

    That did make me laugh! I’ve been to the beach many times and see people in almost no clothing, it never bothers me, so go as free as you like! Ha ha!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  2. ETat »

    17 August 2016 · 5:57 am

    Patent your method of shutting up politico busybodies, Chaz!

    In other news, you are wearing watch at home

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