Satisfactorily sneaky

This is Mayrah, a waterproof (!) sneaker from Geox in Italy, available in burgundy or black:

Mayrah by Geox in burgundy

Says Geox, this series was inspired by skateboarding and snowboarding women. List price is €140.

But here’s what they’re not telling you online: they also make this model in white. Well, slightly off-white, anyway:

Mayrah by Geox in white

Apparently the white ones are sold in Geox stores only. Cristina likes:

With their thick but smooth leather exterior, they’re also easy to wipe clean. Not to mention that they’re treated with patented technology that repels water, and keeps your feet warm. And at the same time, their outsole is breathable. Yep, nothing goes in, but air goes out. I still don’t know how they do it, but I’m glad they do!

There apparently also exist high-top versions of this sneaker.

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