The Oraculling

You can sum up this game in one string of digits: 37-11. The Thunder, who jumped to a 10-point lead in the first quarter and who were still up by one at the end of it, were utterly crushed in the second. It wasn’t entirely the Warriors’ doing; OKC left a dozen points at the free-throw line, and struggling to 40-percent shooting wasn’t happening. Russell Westbrook did manage a double-double — 20 points, 10 assists — but with the Thunder down 25 to 30 most of the evening, Billy Donovan decided to give the newer guys some time. This would never, of course, have occurred to Steve Kerr, who had a hissy fit in the first quarter when one of his troops was suspected of having committed a personal foul. The Warriors won it 115-89, and that takes care of the Previously Unbeaten business.

You want more numbers? We got more numbers. Victor Oladipo, not always great on the road, was pretty darn great tonight, with 21 points on 13 shots — and he got a -25 for his trouble. Domantas Sabonis logged his first double-figure (13 points) line. And Enes Kanter played a whole three and a half minutes, for reasons I can’t fathom.

As for Golden State, some things haven’t changed: Andre Iguodala is still an elite-class defender, Draymond Green still has a temper, and the Splash Brothers are still pretty good at the long ball. The new fellow? Kevin Durant came up with a season-high (then again, we’re still in early November) 39 points, including 7-11 from outside. Then again, there was that time when Kyle Singler (!) shut KD down.

Then again, this was the second night of a back-to-back. (There’s always something available from the Excuse Jar.) It’s back home for the Thunder, who somehow have a late-afternoon date with the Timberwolves on Saturday. Scheduling sometimes makes no sense.

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