Strange search-engine queries (564)

Yep, we’re still serving up those search strings from out of the logs, in the hopes of finding something marginally amusing.

vote no for sq 779:  Shouldn’t that be “vote no against SQ 779″?

typical theme parks are opryland and disneyland, areas set aside just for:   People who want to see what everyone else in the world has seen.

jailbait naturist:  Hard up for amusement, I see.

jailbait selfie nude:  And with no prospect of improvement in sight.

what’s the phone number:  867-5309. I thought you knew.

the law of demand implies, holding everything else constant, that as the price of yogurt:  Just sits there, I can’t be bothered to go look for a spoon.

mangnanimous:  One should always be generous with one’s mangoes. Or one’s manganese.

the news/talk/information radio format appeals to advertisers looking to target:  People who can’t deal with music anymore.

yuja wang nude dress:  Chances are, she’s dressed right now.

nichols hills dumpster rental alternative:  Buy a house just outside city limits and dump stuff there.

glyphosate in cheerios:  It’s enough to make you switch to Honey Bunches of Oats.

crunch tanning beds:  It’s enough to make you switch to Honey Bunches of Oats.

toyota prius v devon:  I’m betting on Devon, since there’s only the one Prius.

snow insurance:  Just wait until you see the premium.

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