All about our new plant

Chemstrand, which began as a joint venture of American Viscose and Monsanto — eventually Monsanto bought out its partner — would like to show you their new plant in Pensacola, Florida, but they also figure that nobody reading whatever magazine this came from is interested in seeing their new plant. Instead, they show a product made from the output of that new plant:

Advertisement for Chemstrand nylon production facility

If you’d rather see the production facility itself, Frank Hardy has a photo of the plant in the 1950s:

At one time back in the 1950s through the 1970s, I would guess that Chemstrand was in the top five of employees in Escambia County Florida. Even though they had photography department, we were hired for miscellaneous jobs at the plant.

Monsanto spun off Chemstrand in 1997 as Solutia Inc., maker of industrial chemicals; it survives today in St. Louis County, Missouri. No hosiery, though: they sold off the nylon business in 2009.

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