Imagine every other week

The first week of January brings lots of Retrospectives from the Previous Year, most of which I didn’t read because the Previous Year was 2016, a year I would mostly prefer to forget.

On the other hand, I was happy to go through Lorna Burford’s 25 Favourite Outfits of 2016, because Lorna does that whole Styling thing with grace and panache, and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t find anything disappointing. And I didn’t.

That said, this, by a narrow margin, was my fave:

Lorna Burford on a bridge

And it wasn’t even planned:

This outfit here is proof to me that you make the most of a bad situation. We had been on our way to the beach (I wasn’t wearing this) and our car broke down. After we managed to get home, instead of wasting a Summery day and nice weather, we decided to do a photoshoot and went for a walk. I threw on some random pieces, headed towards a bridge we found and shot the photos there. Spontaneous and it worked out well, even if things were bad before.

Which is, if you ask me, the true test of personal style: you throw on some random pieces, and you still looks great.

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