Knowing when to hold ’em

Long before this year’s Superb Owl, I’d learned never to underestimate Lady Gaga — especially not if she’s doing an acoustic set:

In case you were thinking “Poker Face” was some kind of mechanical dance tune, fercrissake.


  1. McG »

    15 February 2017 · 7:53 pm

    She performed her music and didn’t get political. Naturally the progtoons were unhappy with her.

  2. CGHill »

    15 February 2017 · 7:57 pm

    Well, yeah, but the hell with them. Not long enough ago, some blue-bellied yutz complained that Taylor Swift wasn’t doing enough for The Cause. Remind me never to develop a Cause so flimsy.

  3. jsallison »

    15 February 2017 · 8:10 pm

    I’m down with Beyonce when she sings it straight. She did the anthem at the Superb Owl coupla years ago iirc. Did a beautiful job of a tough tune, and didn’t tart it up. Even Miley, when she’s not playing the Disney princess gone rogue has some chops. Look up her rendition of Jolene. My beef with the pop tarts is their individuality and talent gets lost in the overproduced, homogenized mediocrity that is the pop scene.

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