Nine point something stone

Received in the email spam trap:

Spam header: She lost 133 pounds on a students budget

Most students being chronically broke, I find this assertion almost not risible.

Oh, and this was the first paragraph of the text sneaked into the unlinked area:

In and of itself, one man leaving one band in the middle of the 1960s might warrant little more than a historical footnote. But what makes the departure of Eric Clapton from the Yardbirds on March 13, 1965, more significant is the long and complicated game of musical chairs it set off within the world of British blues rock. When Clapton walked out on the Yardbirds, he did more than just change the course of his own career. He also set in motion a chain of events that would see not just one, but two more guitar giants pass through the Yardbirds on their way toward significant futures of their own. And through the various groups they would later form, influence, join and quit, these three guitar heroes — Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page — would shape more than a decade’s worth of rock and roll.

This appears to be where they stole it. “Pass through the Yardbirds,” all by itself, is almost not risible.


  1. fillyjonk »

    18 March 2017 · 10:56 am

    Yeah, but if she ate ramen, like most students do, her systolic blood pressure probably went up 133 points.

  2. CGHill »

    18 March 2017 · 10:58 am

    I hit 190 briefly this past week, which I attribute to the cascade of emotions connected with the beginning of psychiatric treatment.

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