Sanitize that keyboard!

Key Source International builds computer keyboards for use in healthcare facilities. Their latest product is the KSI-1801 SX B, a hospital-grade,
disinfectable backlit keyboard. Features:

  • Backlit keys are easy to read in the dark
  • Quick USB detachment saves time
  • Sealed surface available in colors
  • LinkSmart™ locks keys for easy cleaning
  • San-a-Key® provides real-time analytics
  • Compact design fits most medical carts
  • Aids in control of cross contamination
  • Scrubbable, sprayable, disinfectable
  • Three levels of illumination

One rather expects this to be priced somewhere in the upper stratosphere, in the manner of the $15 Tylenol® tablet. It’s not; in fact, it’s priced right with premium keyboards that aren’t the least bit sprayable. And buying a keyboard that’s billed as “dishwasher-safe” will probably not save you:

Not only is removal of keyboards at hundreds of individual workstations a daunting task, but it’s also a costly endeavor that wastes hospital resources and precious man hours. More important, dishwasher-safe keyboards are, in reality, a detriment to good infection control practices. Why? Because most keyboards are never removed from service to be washed.

I can believe that.

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  1. McG »

    20 March 2017 · 9:28 am

    The backlit keyboard alone would be a plus for me.

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