Strange search-engine queries (581)

Our hearts and our brackets equally broken, we return to what we do best: sift through the week’s search strings to see what the population really, truly wants to know.

keith olbermann the resistance:  Makes about as much sense as “Shelley Duvall the Linebacker.”

danny’s mother is even-tempered fair and tactful:  Unlike Danny himself, who is something of a douchecanoe.

radio stations near me:  Are probably playing “Takin’ Care of Business” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

russian refineries:  In case the Trump Organization decides to go into the gas-station business.

police license plate scanner blocker:  Or you could just wait for the state to come up with an unreadable plate design on their own.

a savings account compounds interest, at a rate of 25%, once a year. eve puts $500 in the account as the principal. how can eve set up a function to track the amount of money she has?  Never mind that. Where can I get 25 percent on my savings?

“selfdriving car” or “self-driving car” or “self driving car” or “driverless car” or “autonomous car” or “driverless vehicle” or “robotic car”:  Guy looking for a self-writing essay.

the law of demand​ implies, holding everything else​ constant, that as the price of yogurt:  Decreases, the number of hipsters increases.

premium jailbait:  Instead of five to ten years, you get 15 to 30.

which scenario best demonstrates the function of money as a measure of value? joel has been keeping his spare change in a jar for months. he decides to cash it in, so he takes it to the bank. he gets a crisp $20 bill in exchange for his collection of coins. lin has been saving $10 a week for college:  And will have enough to cover the costs of her Airing of Grievances degree by the year 2081.

it doesn’t taste like chicken:  Free-range crickets, among other things.

microwave oven custom kitchen delivery:  Shut up and get to moving those refrigerators.

marvin gaye kevin durant:  Name two guys who have declared “Ain’t that peculiar?”

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