And then the cycle repeats

Most places, you have two service providers and no more, which leads to situations like this:

I told my internet/cable provider to stick it up their … on Friday. I’m sick of the constant outages and frequent price changes — like charging me at random for premium channels I never asked for and never wanted. I told them to shut it off. I called the other guys who will be here Monday. I have no illusions, the other guys will be just as bad. I will save about $50 bucks a month with the new customer discount. When the new guys raise their rates I will just go back to the current crappy provider at their lower introductory rates. Neither company understands the value of customer loyalty.

Nor will they ever. This is a world of quarterly reports, and the person who claims to see beyond a hundred days is derided for his folly.


  1. McG »

    20 March 2017 · 2:12 pm

    Bad planning. Gillette didn’t become a multimillion-dollar company by only selling men one pack of blades. Likewise HP and only one set of toner cartridges.

  2. Barks »

    20 March 2017 · 6:48 pm

    What benefit would accrue to the providers by valuing loyal customers?

  3. McG »

    21 March 2017 · 7:56 am

    Not constantly having to recruit them back a year later with incentives?

  4. fillyjonk »

    21 March 2017 · 9:27 am

    Frankly, I kinda wish my provider would let me in on a few of the “newbie” incentives. They did give a “loyalty discount” once…. a whole $1.50 off the bill for a month or two.

    I also wish they’d pro-rate against outages.

    (And I’d like a pony, too. And world peace)

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