Quote of the week

Bill Quick, like Pepperidge Farm, remembers:

America, for many of us, used to be a place we lived in. Now, for many more, it is simply something to look at in old pictures, an expression of blank incomprehension on their mugs.

He offers the sort of old pictures he means, and continues:

The fact that both groups exist, and the second is inevitably larger than the first, and continually growing, offers an explanation of why America has somehow managed to get one foot in the dustbin of history. The physical framework remains, after a fashion — 57 states, a Congress, a President, and supposedly even a constitution, but all of that is hollowed out these days, filled with millions and millions of laws designed to plague us even as they leach out all the juice from the now-rapidly corpseifying nation I experienced, filled with armies of ideological cockroaches who, never having lusted after a brand new red and white Pontiac convertible, make war on the automobile in general, and children raised not to put on their scuffed leather lace-up shoes and run outside and play, but groomed instead to be good little girls (even the boys), while functioning primarily as logo-billboards for soulless global mega-corporations.

Today, we all live in something called America, but it is a desiccated husk compared to the real thing.

I hope that if someone springs for a headstone for my desiccated husk, it will contain the following phrase: You had to be there.


  1. Holly H »

    5 June 2017 · 12:19 pm

    I like your headstone idea. As for me, I’m hoping they figure out how to plant me under a tree by then. Hurry up, death-researchers!

  2. nightfly »

    5 June 2017 · 3:08 pm

    I had a very small moment experiencing this – so small as to be beneath notice compared to the life-and-death moments that have become too-common news items. I went out last night to get some cough syrup for my wife, and I had to show ID to complete the purchase.

    It’s so stupid. I have to flash my driver’s license to buy an over-the-counter cough syrup (one not even stored behind the pharmacist’s counter!), because who-knows-who uses the stuff en masse for who-knows-what (but I’m sure it’s illegal) and I’m the one who has to put up with this nonsense.

    Again… small beer in the large scheme, but lots of these little pinpricks are beginning to add up. A million tiny hassles leaching our everyday life dry. And it seems so small we just shrug and put up with it – but that builds up the habit in us, and the likewise habit in the hasslers who arrogate more and more ability to hassle us. How much time and effort do we have to waste satisfying their ever-increasing jones for making us jump through stupid hoops, pointlessly minding their shrill little voices “for our own good”?

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