This is not the Zoom-Zoom I had in mind

Just the title is scary enough: You Can Hack Some Mazda Cars with a USB Flash Drive. And it’s not so difficult, either:

Mazda cars with next-gen Mazda MZD Connect infotainment systems can be hacked just by plugging in a USB flash drive into their dashboard, thanks to a series of bugs that have been known for at least three years.

The issues have been discovered and explored by the users of the Mazda3Revolution forum back in May 2014. Since then, the Mazda car owner community has been using these “hacks” to customize their cars’ infotainment system to tweak settings and install new apps. One of the most well-designed tools is MZD-AIO-TI (MZD All In One Tweaks Installer).

These chaps, at least, are doing this to enhance the capabilities of the system. And while there have been no reports of malicious activity, Mazda quietly patched the system back in May. New bugs, of course, will be found later, if they haven’t already.

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  1. McG »

    5 July 2017 · 7:55 am

    There are some tweaks I’d like to make to my car, but not in the entertainment system.

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