Report from the Crust Inspector

Basically, we’re supposed to shut our pieholes:

If FederalGovCo were to set out to bake you a nice apple pie, it would require 200 paper-pushers to oversee the job; it would take ten years for the FDA to approve the recipe; it would end up costing about 700 dollars; and it would be so disgusting as to be inedible. If your grandma — who had baked a million of the things, all of which were perfectly delicious — tried to come into the kitchen to help out, she would be jailed for not having the proper license. If you complained about the taste, your honesty would get you a serious denunciation for “hate speech” for hurting the feelings of the eighteen transgender lunatics involved in the process as mandated by law, despite the fact that not one of them had ever baked so much as a Swanson’s chicken pot pie in their entire lives.

Then a blue-ribbon panel would be appointed to get to the bottom of the whole disaster, and Congressional Republicans would spend the next fourteen years holding hearings about it. In the end, we’ll all agree that it’s Trump’s fault — working together with the Russians, no doubt — and just say to hell with it and go to McDonald’s instead.

Which, oddly, would be the same conclusion reached by Congressional Democrats in their own caucus.

We’ve already learned, though, about not complaining about the taste.


  1. McG »

    2 August 2017 · 11:14 am

    Illustrating why many of us simply, as a rule, avoid going to the government for things we could do for ourselves, or get privately from a neighor, entrepreneur, or even a multinational corporation.

    Those entities have incentives to prefer what gets results. Government incentives drive it toward what prevents a result.

  2. The Other McCain »

    2 August 2017 · 6:25 pm

    In The Mailbox: 08.02.2017

    Dustbury: Report From The Crust Inspector

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