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“Oh, how I want to go home,” sang Bobby Bare. (Mel Tillis and Danny Dill wrote “Detroit City,” but Bobby Bare made it famous.)

“I don’t wanna go home,” says this dog:

This trick also works (to a certain extent) for avoiding That Trip to the Vet:

Pretty shrewd, these dogs.


  1. McG »

    11 August 2017 · 3:52 pm

    For situations similar to the second dog, I’ve found that blowing in its face gets results.

  2. Holly H »

    11 August 2017 · 3:53 pm

    Love those animal videos. Hey, this weekend is the Cat Video Festival at the OKC Myriad Gardens. It’s so much fun, laughing at cat videos with a whole crowd of fellow animal-lovers.

  3. CGHill »

    11 August 2017 · 5:57 pm

    In other news, there is a Cat Video Festival.

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