It’s always the user’s fault

From “Strange search-engine queries #601,” 7 August:

used realdoll™ $200..$400: I definitely don’t want to know how it was used.

And if there had been any doubts in my mind before, there aren’t any now:

A former professional sex doll repairman has lifted the lid on what happens to over-used sex dolls — and it’s not pretty.

Slade Fiero estimates he patched up well over 100 of the pricey sex aids during his decade-long career but he claims that it wasn’t overuse that left the $2,500 lust vessels in tatters — it was bad storage.

In other news, there are, or have been, professional sex doll repairmen. And no, it’s isn’t always bad storage:

Some of the dolls sent to Fiero were so badly damaged that he was left feeling incredibly uncomfortable to the point that he refused to ever repair the customer’s doll again.

One hopes that the guy doesn’t go out with actual women.

Speaking of actual women, there aren’t many of them looking for a plastic partner of this sort:

[Fiero] explained: “Women don’t buy dolls very often. They’re completely different sexual beings. If you’re a woman, would you ever buy a 132 pound dummy to try and wrestle into the sack when the job only requires two D-cell batteries?”

So there.

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  1. Holly H »

    14 August 2017 · 10:02 am

    Unless that woman lives in Alabama, which outlawed the sale of “those” vibrators. I’m serious. And a quick google tells us, that law is still going.

    Oh I know. They’re doing it to protect women’s health. We can’t have women giving themselves heart attacks or blisters, right?

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