He’s already had the BS

So let’s proceed to the next step. He’s demonstrably gullible:

Erwin Sniedzins doesn’t trust traditional universities.

So when the Toronto business management consultant found one offering a master’s degree requiring no studying, exams, or academic work — for just $8,100 — Sniedzins thought it was a school sharing his unconventional approach to education.

“I don’t necessarily like to pay $30,000 to get a master’s when I feel I already have the knowledge,” Sniedzins said in an interview with CBC Toronto.

And what was this “degree” worth? Including some really spiffy calligraphy, maybe $81.00:

Sniedzins told CBC Toronto that in 2014, he communicated with someone at Kings Lake University over the phone and, after sending proof of his professional and life experience, quickly qualified for a degree.

“To me that’s the direction that things are going. So I figured these guys were the vanguard of that type of stuff.”

In reality, Kings Lake University is little more than a website, run by the Pakistan-based fake degree mill Axact, uncovered by a recent CBC Marketplace investigation.

They may be in Pakistan, but they have a US lawyer, who denies everything:

In a written response to CBC Marketplace, Axact’s U.S. lawyer, Todd A. Holleman, said the company “does not own or operate any online education websites or schools, and there has never been any evidence produced to show that Axact owns or operates any such websites or schools.”

Holleman indicated that the diploma mills were created by clients of Axact and that it “does not condone or support any alleged wrongful or fraudulent conduct by its clients, who are independent businesses.”

And they have the certificates, complete with about eighty bucks’ worth of calligraphy, to prove it.

(Via Tanisha Taitt.)

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  1. McG »

    15 September 2017 · 12:40 pm

    I see Baghdad Bob has changed his name and moved to Canada.

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