Not at all a fiasco

Every now and then, something throws me off my train of thought and into something else entirely.

I was recalling an old portable keyboard I used to have, on which I never developed any technique whatsoever; eventually, I passed it on to my youngest. “Ah, technique,” I thought, which propelled me to Technics, a brand name formerly used by Panasonic for its higher-end audio gear, and now in use again for turntables, an area where Technics excelled. They also used to make portable keyboards, such as the KN series, used exclusively by the late Wesley Willis, who sang with an operation called the Wesley Willis Fiasco for about five years before going solo, just him and his “demons” — Willis suffered from, or maybe enjoyed, schizophrenia — and his Technics keyboard.

There aren’t too many Wesley Willis songs I’d toss up here: he was given to titles like “Suck an Ibex’s Bootyhole.” But sometimes he’d just relax and tell you about his minivan:

Wesley Willis died in 2003 of complications from chronic myelogenous leukemia. He had only just turned 40.

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