They also surf who only stand on waves

Since unexpected iTunes segues seem to make for less-uninteresting bloggage, here’s one from this morning: the Ventures’ version of the theme from Hawaii Five-O, sliding right into Blondie’s remake of “The Tide Is High.” (The original, by the Jamaican group the Paragons, dates back to 1967. Both versions are on this box.) Had I any talent for video — no, never mind, I don’t need any more bad ideas.

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  1. Incurable Insomniac »

    16 April 2008 · 12:46 pm

    The Ventures! I grew up with their music (my brother was a drummer of that era), and like any good beginning guitarist in the mid-sixties, I practiced playing “Miserlou” and “Pipeline”. I also learned drums playing “Walk Don’t Run”.

    Love the Ventures.

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