Our drivers suck less

You couldn’t prove it by me, but Allstate Insurance says that Oklahoma City drivers, compared to the national average, are 4.9 percent less likely to be involved in a collision; the Big Breezy ranks eighth among cities between 500,000 and 1 million population, and 54th out of 193 cities surveyed. (Tulsa is 74th, 0.7 percent better than average.) The average driver, says Allstate, has a collision every ten years; it’s 10.1 in Tulsa, 10.4 in Oklahoma City, and a whopping 14.6 years in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The press release wasn’t unkind enough to mention the bottom of the list; after poking around Allstate’s Web site, I turned up a PDF file of the complete list, and all by itself at the bottom is the District of Columbia. Washington drivers average one crash every 5.4 years, 83.6 percent worse than average.

Disclosures: Allstate does not calculate figures for states in which it does no business — in other words, Massachusetts. And in 33 years of driving I have had, you guessed it, three collisions.

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