And here’s your cement-based filter

I have to admit, this sounds pretty slick:

A road in the small Dutch town of Hengelo is to be paved with air-purifying concrete in a trial that could lead to a breakthrough in the fight against rising pollution, scientists said Wednesday.

Experts from the University of Twente developed and tested the concrete paving stones which contain a titanium dioxide-based additive. In laboratory conditions, the additive — under the influence of sunlight — binds the nitrogen oxide particles emitted by car exhausts and turns them into harmless nitrates. “With one rain shower everything is washed clean,” the institution said in a statement.

“Washed where?” I’d like to know. Nitrates in one’s water supply are generally not to be encouraged.

And this comes after I’ve spent $1500 to keep the nitrogen oxide particles emitted by my car’s exhaust below the statutory maximum. Figures.

(Via Engadget.)

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