Donyell is waived

Veteran forward Donyell Marshall has been waived by the Oklahoma City Whatchamacallits, opening up a roster spot should the GM be planning any more acts of, um, Prestidigitation.

Darnell Mayberry explains this process a bit better than I would:

Marshall is in the final year of a contract that would have paid him $5.9 million. Oklahoma City must pay Marshall the remainder of his guaranteed salary, but the team has the option to negotiate a payment schedule to fulfill its obligations over a longer period of time. Marshall’s entire contract, however, will count against the team’s salary this season.

Marshall will now be on waivers for 48 hours, allowing any team to claim him. If no team claims him he will clear waivers and can sign with any team at a negotiated salary.

In the unlikely event that he is claimed, the new team pays a $1,000 fee to the league and assumes his contract. (In the even-more-unlikely event that two or more teams claim him, the team with the worst record gets him.) Nothing personal here: once he’s cleared waivers a team can sign him for quite a bit less, which is still a win-win for Marshall since he’s still going to get paid by Oklahoma City plus whatever he can negotiate with another team.

At thirty-five, Marshall might be considered old, but he isn’t that old, and he has this just-shy-of singular distinction: he once scored 12 three-pointers in a single game, for Toronto in the spring of 2005. Kobe Bryant, you may remember, once scored, yes, 12 three-pointers in a single game.

Note: Last paragraph edited to alter froth level.

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