A shortcut in the paper chase

Life in Erica’s world:

We have this system for electronic document routing. You upload your doc, fill out some things, and then everyone who needs to review it gets an email. They make notes and sign electronically. You manage those notes, fix your doc up all purty-like, and then it goes around again for e-sigs for approval.

“Cumbersome” is putting it mildly. So why not this?

When you log into the system, you have a list of all your docs that are in review or approval, and you have a list of everyone else’s docs that you need to review or approve.

What I’m really really wishing for is an RSS feed for my list of docs, so that whenever someone leaves a note or signs off, I can aggregate that information somewhere, instead of having to go back to that list and refresh, refresh, refresh.

Yeah, it might be a pain in the tuchas to set up — once — but if people’s time is worth anything at all, and surely it is, the return on investment should be considerable.

(Why, yes, I do use Lotus Notes. How did you guess?)

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